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The Blinders Roller Blinds & Outdoor Blinds Melbourne is a leading supplier of indoor roller blinds in Ringwood, Melbourne. Using high-quality materials, our motorised roller blinds will offer lasting protection and increase the value of your house, business, or institution.

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About Our Roller Blinds in Ringwood

These roller blinds block out light and UV rays, making them ideal for spaces that are exposed to the sun. These roller blinds come with options that enable them to be customised for the purpose for which they are designed. These will be suitable and appropriate.

The use of high-quality fabric and materials, as shown by these roller blinds from Australia, has several benefits over the long term. When installed inside, these high-quality blind materials will continue to look great for years to come.

The ideal quantity of light may be let in with roller blinds, which come with both blockout and day screen options. Those who want to block all light at night but allow some light in during the day might benefit from installing blinds that have both block out and day screen options.

These chic roller blinds have a contemporary appearance that may update the appearance of any room. Installation of roller blinds in Melbourne is done to order. The chain, the bottom bar, and the colour of the blind may all be customised. Mechanisms for the blind, such as the chair or the hard-wired rechargeable motor, may be positioned on either the left or the right, depending on the available space. We supply outdoor roller blinds.

They are perfect for preventing UV glare in homes, workplaces, and enterprises because to the simple roller operation that they include. After installation, having peace of mind thanks to a 5-year warranty is helpful.

Roller Blind Customisation Options

After years of supplying roller blinds throughout Melbourne, we know how important it is that you get a say in the materials, colours and blinding solutions you input in your home. We have a range of blinding materials available to suit all areas of your building, the surrounding environment and modern design standards. We are more than happy to provide recommendations to ensure that you receive the most effective custom roller blinds in Ringwood, Melbourne for your home or building. 

Don’t forget, you can also mix and match our materials to suit various rooms in your home. 

Our Roller Blind materials include:


Made to blockout the sun, light and any temperatures, The Blinders Blockout technology offers maximum privacy to all buildings. Installed by a team of Roller Blind installation Melbourne experts, they will fit flush into any room and prevent light from seeping through. They are the ultimate solution for lounge rooms, bedrooms and theatre rooms as they provide ultimate coverage but aren’t as bulky are other window coverings, such as curtaining

Material: Laurent

Material: Castille

Material: Avoca

Material: Banes

DayScreen Roller Blinds

Our day screen roller blinds are the most common option for bedrooms, living rooms, and work places that want light throughout the day but need to reduce glare from the sun. They are designed to provide you with the seclusion you need while yet allowing light to enter your home. They are also excellent insulators, which means they can keep the temperature of the outside air at a reasonable level. For many years, our Day Screen Roller Blinds in Melbourne have been a client favourite due to its adjustability. This is due to the fact that they may be employed in any construction.

Material: N Vision

Material: S View

The Benefits of Our Roller Blinds

Our motorised roller blinds are made to make living, working and spending time with others easier by reducing the impacts of the sun on indoor settings. Once installed by our blind installers in Melbourne, these indoor roller blinds provide a mass of benefits to homeowners, business owners and anyone seeking to create a more comfortable indoor space on their premises. Some of the benefits provided by our roller blind solutions include:

Reducing Light and Glare

Once you choose our Roller Blinds expert, you can rely on a job well done. Our roller blinds' block-out technology and flawless installation mean less harsh sunlight enters your home at any time of day. This makes living in Australia more comfortable for everyone. These roller blind options are great for those who want to sleep in on the weekends, watch TV in a well-lit room, or need to shut out the world for important business meetings or to impress potential investors.

To a similar extent, day screen roller blind technology may lessen the sun's glare without entirely blocking out the outside light. They're great for any room that has to provide a bright and airy space for people to work or study, with lots of natural light streaming in and no obstructions to the view of screens.

Maintain Comfortable Temperatures

When the sun hits a glazed glass window, it can dramatically heat up a room. In the same way, if the rain or wind hits a window, it can cool down a room or cause its humidity to dramatically rise. Supplying Roller Blinds, The Blinders Melbourne blinds installation team has sourced and designed indoor blinds with incredible insulating power that can trap heat in the winter and reflect heat in the summer.

These Australian-made blinding solutions are ideas for battling the Australian climate, and can help create a comfortable temperature in any room, office or study environment without the need for intensive heating or cooling equipment, which are all known to skyrocket Melbourne gas and electricity bills.

mobile control
The Control Is In Your Hands

Once you engage with our the team will teach you everything you need to know about controlling them to achieve your desired level of light. These Roller Blinds are easy for all members of the family to operate and can be adjusted at any time to suit different levels of light or outdoor temperatures. Our installation team will also ensure that all mechanics are placed in locations which are most convenient for you to make opening and closing your blinds easy.

Roller Blinds are Durable and Long-lasting

Each of our high-quality roller blinds has been made and sourced with Australia and Melbourne's weather patterns in mind. They are manufactured and tested to endure direct sunshine and offer households with lighting control for a long time. These durable roller blinds are simple to clean and maintain, so you can rest easy knowing they can be repaired. This may improve your nighttime sleep. You may use them after the warranty expires.

Our Roller Blinds Solutions

standard blind system 241x300 1

Standard Blinds System

Our Standard Blinds System is manufactured and installed by our expert Roller Blinds installation team in Melbourne. These ultimate Roller Blinds provide full protection from the sun’s rays and extreme heat in the summer. They are also ideal for keeping the cold out in the winter through their insulating powers, making them a cost-efficient way to stay temperature comfortable, no matter where you’re located. 

With customisation options available, they are perfect for any home setting and can add a modern touch to any home.

standard link blind system 300x198 1

Standard Link Blinds System

Standard Link Roller Blind Systems may be put tightly together with few gaps between them, making them ideal for covering a vast expanse like a glass sliding door or wide slide. Controlling the lighting in wide-open areas of your house has never been easier, and now you can do it while still maintaining that chic, contemporary, and Melburnian vibe you’ve been going for.

Our crew can visit to your house and take precise measurements to make sure everything fits just right if this is something you’re interested in. If you’re interested in double roller blinds, please get in touch with us.

day nightblindsystem 256x300

Day/Night Blinds Systems

You may adjust the amount of light entering your house with the help of this smart blinding system, which combines two kinds of blinds into one. We have a roller blinds installation crew that can put up blockout blinds so you can sleep well without any light entering the room. The alternative is to deploy day screen technology, which lets in light but not prying eyes.

Having these Roller Blinds set up will let you control the amount of light coming into your house at any one moment.

daynight link blindsystem 300x236 1

Day/Night Link Blinds System

The Blinders Standard Day/Night Roller Blinds are ideal for rooms with high ceilings that need a high degree of light regulation. Our roller blinds installation staff can have them set up so that you can allow in daylight during the day yet keep prying eyes out at night.

With a unique two-blinds-in-one design, these blinds are great for offices, classrooms, and warehouses that need to control the amount of light coming in while still keeping the temperature comfortable. Choose from many different types of dual roller blind fabric options with the Day/Night Link Blinds System.

Where Can Roller Blinds Be Installed?

Our best-quality Roller Blinds can be installed along with the interior of any home and will fit flush with any room in the home, building or office. Though, the most common places we install our roller blinding solutions include.

The Bedroom 
The Bedroom 
Dining Areas
Living Areas
Corporate Settings 

What Our Customers Have Said About Our Roller Blinds

Our team has had a mass of success across a range of home and corporate blinding installations. Here is what our customers are currently saying about our roller blinds Online:

I really love the new blinds in our house. They are versatile, look beautiful, and were installed so neatly. It is much better than our old roller blinds. We appreciated the customer service, they advised and guided us really well. They really know their stuff!
Riddhi Shah
Riddhi Shah
We arranged for The Blinders to come out and finish fitting our investment property with blinds. We used their service few month ago. We went back to them simply because they don't quote ridiculous prices, and the process is simple. I cannot fault these guys, they don't use high pressure sales, the price is very competitive and the process is flawless. When Tony came over, he were very professional, polite and efficient. Great customer service and great product. Very happy with this company, highly recommend. Don't waste your time getting other quotes when these do the job perfectly.
Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer
We have just had the Urban Track outdoor blind fitted and what a great experience! From the moment I spoke to the sales rep, right through to the installation. We honestly couldn't be happier. Jason the installer was incredible. He was courteous, explained everything, tidy and very professional. He ensured that the blind were fitted correctly and neatly and cleaned up the very little bit of dust that was made from drilling holes to secure the outdoor blind. The quality of this outdoor blind are excellent and really transform the rooms where they where installed. Thank you to The Blinders team. I look forward to 4 big orders we have you managing for us coming up.
Darshan Gandhi
Darshan Gandhi
Really good price and superior product for our roller blockout blinds. Installation very quick very professional. I have no hesitation in recommending this business, extremely happy with the outcome
MIchelle PANG
MIchelle PANG
good serives, frienly, efficient and honest, highly recommdate!
Zhiwei Wu
Zhiwei Wu
I recently had blinds installed by The Blinders and would thoroughly recommend them. I asked for a quote from my measurements which I received the following day. It was significantly cheaper than another quote I had and the installation time was so much quicker. The Blinders came and checked my measurements and bought all the sample colours and designs for me to choose. I was super impressed with their professionalism from start to finish. Thank you so much Vivienne and Jason.
Julie Waterhouse
Julie Waterhouse
The Blinds replaced all the blinds in my house and they did an amazing job. They were really helpful with picking colours, staff there are very friendly. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for new blinds.
Zhuoyi zoe Dong
Zhuoyi zoe Dong

FAQs about Roller Blinds

The Blinders roller blinds were intended for interior locations. As such, they can be installed in any interior setting in the home, office, or building. Our team can accommodate different sized windows to suit all demands and needs.

Yes, you can select from a range of colours from the swatches that our installation team will have available. Our team will them custom make your blinds to suit your space based on the colour that you choose.

The roller blinds all come with a 5-year warranty. Though, with the correct care and maintenance where necessary, these roller blinds can provide lifetime value to any home.

If you are looking to completely cancel out the light in a room or part of the home, then our blockout roller blinds are definitely worth the investment. They use only the best technology to prevent light from seeping in and will create the dark ambience that living rooms, theatre rooms and bedrooms require. 

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