Did You Know That Roller Blinds Are Not Just for Window Coverings?


Roller blinds are elements or covers that are commonly used as overall window coverings. Usually, roller blinds can be found in office buildings. However, it cannot be denied that currently roller blinds are also widely used in people’s homes.

Roller blinds are very easy to use, you can open and close them easily. Various materials such as canvas or PVC. With various colours, you can adjust to your taste. And it will add to the attractiveness of your home or office building. It is because of this that the interest in the use of blinds is increasing. Not only in office buildings but also in private homes.

Other Benefits of Installing Roller Blinds

1. Restricting the Amount of Sunlight

What is the main purpose of installing windows in a building? Of course, for air cycles and sun exposure. However, specifically for sun exposure, excessive sunlight will cause glare and increase room temperature. When the room temperature rises you will feel hot and humid.

In this situation, roller blinds offer a solution for you. This type of roller blinds is able to prevent sunlight from entering the room. More precisely minimize. Because you have the option to cover completely or only partially as a form of your business to limit the amount of incoming sunlight.

2. Avoid Outdoor Heat

If the windows were completely closed, then why did the room still feel stuffy? This is because high temperatures are not only caused by sunlight but also by heat carried from the surrounding environment. Sunlight is the main contributor to high temperatures. Fortunately, roller blinds can block the flow of heat into the room from the surrounding environment. The level of comfort enjoyed during activities is maintained, and the efficiency of the air conditioner in lowering the room temperature is increased.

3. Reducing Air Particles and Pollution

Are you a sensitive person and allergic to dust? A small step when you install roller blinds on your windows. By installing roller blinds on your windows, you can reduce the amount of pollution and dust that enters your home, thereby ensuring that your home stays clean.

4. Defend Furniture Against Direct Sunlight

You are a lover of expensive furniture, and you have to keep it durable for a long time. The importance of sunlight for you, but you also must think about your home furniture that is exposed to direct sunlight. The amount of sunlight that enters a room can be controlled by roller blinds, meaning using them can benefit your furniture if they are positioned near a window. This can make your furniture last longer and the colour does not fade due to exposure to sunlight.

5. Maintain Privacy

You are a person who really likes privacy. Then installing roller blinds in your building is the right reason. Roller blinds are versatile in that they are used not only as window coverings but also for maintaining privacy in a variety of settings, such as office meeting rooms or home study areas.

6. Reduce Crime

Crime knows no time and place. When the opportunity exists, crime can occur. But you can be careful when you are in the house by installing roller blinds. Because windows provide an opportunity for criminals to be able to see from the outside. If there are no window coverings, trespassers will be able to see the contents of the house as well as the location of any valuables.

In addition, they can easily determine if the occupants are outside the building. On the other hand, a robber will have a hard time determining this if roller blinds are installed. The reason behind this is that most roller blind materials are somewhat opaque to light.

7. Decorative Elements

It is undeniable that roller blinds come in a variety of colours and materials and are not monotonous. When all your reasons are met, roller blinds can be a decorative element for your building. Because roller blinds come in a variety of styles and designs. So that its existence can be used as a decorative element, both in homes designed in a minimalist style, or contemporary.

PVC roller blinds, on the other hand, consist of very thin slats. When only half a day is opened, it will produce a shadow in the room that is both attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

8. Practical

You can enjoy relaxing time from home without fear of being exposed to excessive sunlight and your privacy is not disturbed by installing roller blinds. Especially when there is a choice of roller blinds that are equipped with remote control. So that the use of roller blinds is more practical.

After knowing the many benefits of roller blinds, are you still unsure? If so, there’s no need to worry, we from The Blinders are happy to serve you with some of your questions. We are waiting for messages from you.