Let’s Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


Summer is here, the days are getting warmer, and the temperature will continue to rise. It’s certainly hot in summer and people at least like to stand in front of the vents or in front of the air conditioner and turn it on to its lowest temperature. Although we are happy with the warmer weather again, we still want to be able to cool down when we return home after a long, hot day or when we sleep at night.

But of course, excessive use of the cooler will make your expenses go up. Unless, of course, you are someone who has a lot of money. Of course, summer doesn’t last just a day or two, so we’re giving you some tips and alternatives for the upcoming summer.

Tips and Alternatives for the Upcoming Summer

1. Stay Inside


When the weather gets hotter, try not to be outside the room. Especially during the day. Get out of work at the right time to avoid getting stuck in traffic and heat. If you have to go out, try not to expose your body to the sun a lot.

2. Limit Electronic Appliances

Since electronic devices also generate heat, you should limit the amount of time you spend in front of the television or computer. It is also advisable to turn off the power of electronic devices that are not in use.

3. Using a Fan For a While

summer fan

You can place ceiling fans in the most frequently used areas of your home, or purchase smaller portable fans that you can move from room to room as needed. If you decide to use a ceiling fan, you should remember to turn the switch so that the blades spin in the other direction, clockwise. This option directs the hot air away from you while still providing a breeze, and these fans pull the hot air upwards.

4. Pay Attention to Yourself Instead of the Home

With the weather being so hot, the best thing you can do for yourself during a heatwave is to concentrate on staying as cool as possible rather than trying to keep the whole house at a comfortable temperature. It’s important to maintain proper hydration to replenish fluids lost through sweat. 

Don’t forget to keep yourself protected by using a sun protection cream. And to keep yourself refreshed, you can also stock up on drinks that can help you cool down, such as watermelon or popsicles. This is to keep you hydrated, as you will sweat easily in the heat. 

If this doesn’t work, try taking a refreshing shower on a hot day and fill your closet with clothes that are light in colour and made of lighter materials. Also, if you have the option, wear clothes that are not too tight, such as shorts and tank tops.

5. Make Exterior Changes

Another way to deal with summer is to paint your house with light colours, this way the light will be reflected, and your house will look beautiful with the new paint. Another great way is to plant plants to reduce the area exposed to sunlight. 

6. Save Money to Prepare Your Home for Summer

The Blinders 1

Air conditioning is actually a safe answer that can be used to deal with the summer heat while at home. However, adding more cooling is also an expensive answer for your home. It is better to make home improvements that are more durable and efficient than installing an air conditioner. 

To prevent unwanted guests from entering your home, you should install outdoor blinds. Outdoor awnings and outdoor blinds can be used to shade your deck, patio, or porch to maintain a comfortable temperature. 

We provide a wide selection of blinds to help you maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home throughout the year. You can contact us to schedule a personal in-home consultation or browse our website to see the wide variety of blinds we provide.

Whatever your choice, you should focus on yourself first. Your comfort comes first. When you are comfortable, you can think about the comfort of your entire family. For example, by installing outdoor blinds for your building, such as on your terrace or yard. So, whatever your style, The Blinders have you covered!