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Canopy Blinds Melbourne

Made for doorways and windows, Melbourne Canopy Blinds are a fantastic blinding solution for those looking to protect their home, building or premise. They will sit directly over a window or door to protect it from the elements, especially rain, hail and wind, which can cause damage if unprotected. Constructed from durable materials and the highest quality manufacturing processes, these Melbourne Canopy Blinds are ideal for the Australian climate for years of use. 

Our Melbourne Canopy Blinds can be applied to windows and doors of all shapes and sizes, however, they are most common for restaurants, cafes and business shop fronts looking to enhance their branding. As such, they can be customised to include various branding elements, including a brand name and branding colour palettes.

The Benefits Of Melbourne Canopy Blinds

Melbourne Canopy Blinds are a modern way to protect a home, shop or building from the damaging implications of the outdoor elements. Though they have less insulating power than regular outdoor blinds, these outdoor awnings can protect glass and glazed windows from damage usually caused by wet weather, wind and hail. They also provide shade for any outdoor areas and entryways, allowing any visitors to have a dry and cool place to enter the premises. 

These Canopy Blinds have been made with durable fittings, making them strong assets against the Australian climate. This can add value to your home or building and assist its resell value long into the future.

The Features Of Canopy Blinds

When you purchase our Melbourne Wire Guide Awnings, you are purchasing more than just a way to create a shady space in your outdoor area. Some additional features of these exterior blinds include:

When placed over a door or window, these Melbourne Canopy Blinds will add a modern touch to a property. They are all thin and sleek and can renovate the look of a door or window without needing to replace the glass, window frames or panelling altogether. These Canopy Blinds will also sit flush with your building, which will add value to a property and help attract customers if they are installed on commercial premises.

All of these Melbourne Canopy Blinds can be modified to suit your branding colours and logos. This makes them a phenomenal branding tool and can help your business or premise stand out to customers in the competitive market. But, these Melbourne Canopy Blinds are not only a great branding tool for businesses and business owners. They can also help individuals add some personal touches to their homes to make them uniquely theirs.

While they occupy less space than other blinds, Melbourne Canopy Blinds can still provide remarkable protection against UV. By blocking out the sun from above, it can prevent sunlight from making its way into a home or building, which could damage furniture, expand flooring and discolour walls. It makes for a perfect tool to let light into a home or building without allowing the harsh sun’s rays to enter.

Melbourne Canopy Blinds Fabric Choice

The Blinders understand that customisation options can completely change the level of satisfaction a family or business will feel with their final product. Hence, we have made it our mission to provide fabric alternatives for you to choose from to suit your outdoor setting. 

Out blind installation Melbourne team is also happy to provide recommendations for your space based on the level of sun and wind it would receive. This will ensure that your blinds last as long as possible and perform their job as they should. 

We also understand that canopy blinds are most frequently used as a branding tool. The Blinders has done everything to provide as many colour and fabric alternatives to guarantee your branding can be matched. 

The fabrics you can choose from include: 


A lightweight fabric that promises long-lasting durability. It is most commonly used in indoor blinds, but is also well suited to combat the outdoor weather and climate.


As an affordable option, these PVC blinds are favourable for cafes and restaurant outdoor areas as they allow all light in while protecting against the UV rays.


Known as fantastic insulators, using mesh on our Melbourne Canopy Blinds will help keep a home or building warm. They can block out cold weather and prevent a home from heating up due to extreme heat on the glass.


Canvas is the most common material used for our Melbourne Canopy Blinds as they are lightweight and cost-effective. These materials are easy to colour customise and are the best for incorporating branding elements or specific colours.

Where Can You Install Our Melbourne Canopy Blinds?

Our Melbourne-supplied Canopy Blinds will serve a range of outdoor spaces. They are suited for homes and all types of buildings, however, are most commonly installed on commercial sites to create ambience and help a brand to stand out. 

The key locations where we install our Melbourne Canopy Blinds include: 

Over Doors
fix window
Over Windows 
Across Commercial Spaces 

If you are interested in installing our Melbourne Canopy Blinds in other outdoor areas, we are happy to help. Simply contact the team and we will help work out if these Canopy Blinds are the best solution for the space you want to occupy.

Custom Coloured Melbourne Canopy Blinds

Our canopy blinds come in a wide variety of colours, perfect for suiting all outdoor settings, including homes and businesses. Our Melbourne-based team is always happy to provide recommendations to help you choose a colour that will best suit your premises. All of our installers will come equipped with swatches and materials to help you make an informed decision on your colours. This will prevent them from looking different in person when installed than they would have on screen. 

Our Melbourne Canopy Awnings come in a range of default colours. However, we are happy to customise our colour palette for you and are happy to discuss any alternatives you are after. 

About Our Melbourne Outdoor Blinding Solutions Company

The Blinders is a Melbourne family-owned blinding company located in Keysborough, Victoria. Passionate about providing effective and affordable solutions to all of our customers, the team will work tirelessly to ensure that your outdoor canopy blinds are just as you imagined. We know how powerful these blinds can be as a branding tool and will also stop at nothing to help you ensure that your home or business stands out in the crowded marketplace. 

With a dedication to perfect end-to-end service, you can rest easy that no stone will be left unturned when you choose the blinders. From the first time you contact us through to the final moments of the installation process, the quality of your final product will be at the centre of our attention. We also understand that installing and caring for blinds may be new to you. We will also work to answer any questions immediately or come back to you with the appropriate information to guarantee you are 100% happy with the product you choose.

We Provide Outdoor Blinds Across Melbourne

Committed to assisting as many families, business owners and individuals as possible, we supply exterior blinds all across the city. The main suburbs we service include:

Here’s What Customers Think About Our Blinds Products And Services

I really love the new blinds in our house. They are versatile, look beautiful, and were installed so neatly. It is much better than our old roller blinds. We appreciated the customer service, they advised and guided us really well. They really know their stuff!
Riddhi Shah
Riddhi Shah
We arranged for The Blinders to come out and finish fitting our investment property with blinds. We used their service few month ago. We went back to them simply because they don't quote ridiculous prices, and the process is simple. I cannot fault these guys, they don't use high pressure sales, the price is very competitive and the process is flawless. When Tony came over, he were very professional, polite and efficient. Great customer service and great product. Very happy with this company, highly recommend. Don't waste your time getting other quotes when these do the job perfectly.
Mark Spencer
Mark Spencer
We have just had the Urban Track outdoor blind fitted and what a great experience! From the moment I spoke to the sales rep, right through to the installation. We honestly couldn't be happier. Jason the installer was incredible. He was courteous, explained everything, tidy and very professional. He ensured that the blind were fitted correctly and neatly and cleaned up the very little bit of dust that was made from drilling holes to secure the outdoor blind. The quality of this outdoor blind are excellent and really transform the rooms where they where installed. Thank you to The Blinders team. I look forward to 4 big orders we have you managing for us coming up.
Darshan Gandhi
Darshan Gandhi
Really good price and superior product for our roller blockout blinds. Installation very quick very professional. I have no hesitation in recommending this business, extremely happy with the outcome
MIchelle PANG
MIchelle PANG
good serives, frienly, efficient and honest, highly recommdate!
Zhiwei Wu
Zhiwei Wu
I recently had blinds installed by The Blinders and would thoroughly recommend them. I asked for a quote from my measurements which I received the following day. It was significantly cheaper than another quote I had and the installation time was so much quicker. The Blinders came and checked my measurements and bought all the sample colours and designs for me to choose. I was super impressed with their professionalism from start to finish. Thank you so much Vivienne and Jason.
Julie Waterhouse
Julie Waterhouse
The Blinds replaced all the blinds in my house and they did an amazing job. They were really helpful with picking colours, staff there are very friendly. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for new blinds.
Zhuoyi zoe Dong
Zhuoyi zoe Dong


Most of our outdoor canopy blinds come with a 5-year warranty. You will have the opportunity to extend this warranty as well. However, all warranty lengths and conditions will be discussed before your purchase.

Canopy blinds have more colour customisation options than our other blinds. They can be customised to match your brand colours and create instant brand recognition. We can also completely customise the design to showcase your logo, which will make it clear where your business is located.

Our canopy blinds were created to withstand the Australian climate, including wind, rain, hail and intense sunlight. We will provide instructions for caring for these blinds in extreme weather based on your location, but they can withstand most regular weather with no problem.

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